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Our facilities are self-catering but we know that sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking, especially when you’re on holiday. For your convenience we offer a few standard items on our menu, but we can accommodate special requests. Please be sure to book your meals at least 2 days in advance.

Meals are prepared and you enjoy them in the boma or in the privacy of your accommodation.

We can also pack you a picnic basket for your day out. Contact us for more info on picnic baskets. Many items are seasonal so they are quoted on request. 


All meals and picnic baskets by booking only

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Breakfast | Late Lunches or Dinner 

Essie’s Cowboy Brekfis aka the Hangover Brekfis

A delightful one pot mix of fried onion, herbs, beef mince, tomato, and baked beans topped with farm fresh free range eggs. Served on top of a slice of grill toasted farm style bread. This entire meal is prepared on the fire.

Caramelised French Toast

Three slices of soft French Toast, made with freshly laid free range farm eggs , fried in caremelised brown sugar, butter, a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Drenched in caramel goo and served with fresh tomato slices.


 Spinach and Feta Quiche

Individual quiches made from farm fresh free range eggs, sauteéd onions, herbs, organic spinach and feta, topped with cheese and oven baked till golden brown.


Kudu Burger

Flamed grilled on a freshly baked farm style roll. Topped with sauteéd onions, grated goat’s cheese (when available, otherwise Gouda or cheddar will be used), a farm fresh free range egg, organic lettuce and tomato. Come hungry.

Braai Packs

Lamb, Ribs, Wors, Chicken, Steak, skilpadjies and other speciality items. We supply, you braai. On request we can braai for you. Braai packs are priced by weight and are dependent on what you request.

Priced by Weight


This speciality item is one of our most popular and sought after menu items. Whole lamb rib flavoured with our own special blend of spices, slow grilled with low heat in an upright position on the braai.
Note: This takes at least 2 hours, but is well worth the wait. 



Oven grilled pizza style open sandwices

Freshly baked farm style bread slices coated in a fresh tomato, basil, salt, pepper, origanum and grated cheese mix. Baked crispy. For a meaty taste add some bacon.





Our scrumptious moerbyslaai. A delightful afrikaans term that means we put everything currently available on the farm in the salad and “moer dit by mekaar”. This salad is always made teh same but never tastes teh same. The only constant aspect of this salad is its deliciousesness. This table salad is always a winner. 


 Extras Per Portion

Pineapple Ring: 5 | Cheese Russian 10 | Diced Bacon: 10 | Grated Cheese: 10 | Streaks/Back Bacon: 10 | 

Moerbyslaai 15 | Oven Baked Potato Chips 15 | Streaks/Back Bacon: 15

All our meals are freshly prepared from scratch so please be patient


summer rates

From R125 p/p per night



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Staying at the Augrabies Backpackers was a nice change from Cape Town city life and you will be part of a working farm with goats, sheep, chickens, geese, turkeys, cats and dogs as well as vegetables and a plant nursery. I received a warm welcome and was shown around the farm on arrival that was much appreciated. All the people living on the farm showed me warmth and respect and were very welcoming. I enjoyed the swimming pool and used it many times to cool off as it gets a little warm in Augrabies. Those families with young children will really enjoy petting the friendly goats, sheep, dogs and cats. May God bless this wonderful place to really prosper and thanks to each one of you for your kindness and hospitality that made my stay enjoyable.

Mark Sandison Avatar Mark Sandison
March 24, 2021

This is one place that I absolutely can recommend. This place is unique, as it is not your typical flashy city backpackers hostel. From the moment you arrive, you are being welcomed warmly by genuine friendly people. The owners goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and will not hesitate to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I have been to many backpackers foreign and domestic, and can honestly say that here you will not find at the reception desk somebody that just stare at you. Here you are being greeted and even helped setting up camp, should you wish to stay in a tent. This is a working farm, you will find various animals as well as vegetable gardens. In season, you may be able to have some of the freshest products available. Other farm fresh items eg. milk and eggs and their products like yoghurt and ice cream may also be available. For families, this place will keep kids entertained easily. Located close to the Augrabies waterfalls, it is a great spot to discover also other hidden treasures of this area. Quick layout of the establishment, there is rooms, laundry facility, ample of grass under trees for camping, big area for fire and braai (BBQ), swimming pool and food can be prepared upon request for visitors as well. I myself will most definitely return and stay here again.

Jerome Laubscher Avatar Jerome Laubscher
April 30, 2021

Augrabies Backpackers is a real hidden treasure between green Plantages. We enjoyed watching sunsets/-rises and relaxed on the little organic farm, while the dogs, geeses, cats etc.jumped around us and the very helpful, pleasant and powerful owners worked in the beautiful garden. We were even allowed to milk the 2 goats!;-) highly recommended

auratisch Avatar auratisch
March 19, 2021

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